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14 years, 4 U.S. States

Boecam Holdings is a real estate investment company focused on value add opportunities in the Dallas Forth-Worth area. For over 14 years, Boecam Holdings has invested in value-add residential real estate. We have been successful through multiple market cycles and multiple US states, thanks to our three-principle strategy consisting in investing with moderate risk, spotting growing neighborhoods in large metropolitan areas, and focusing on undervalued properties with remodeling. These principles have been developed through our years of experience and will guide our legacy and success for our investors.

Miami, 2005

We started investing in Miami in 2005 where we quickly learned of the importance of being moderate, even in the best times. Knowing that real estate was booming our priority was to move forward but with a focus on controlling risk, an approach different to most. Instead of investing in “the growing areas” we invested in proven neighborhoods with a long history of consumer demand. Our thesis was based on minimizing risk by investing in a premium location. Additionally, to focusing on premium locations, we further mitigate risk and protect our investor's capital through conservative financing. These conservative policies proved to be ideal when the 2008 recession hit and many lost their investments. In contrast, we turned in a profit upon market recovery which taught us an early lesson of the importance of fiscal conservatism and value of premium locations.


New York City Metropolitan Area, 2010

Our search for investments in premium locations brought us to the cities of Hoboken and West New York, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. These New Jersey-based submarkets presented an ideal combination of large populations near a huge job center, yet with a lot of room for growth. After 3 projects, our overall return on investment in the area was 32% strengthening our track record and confidence in our ability to drive investment profits. This experience solidified our belief in the importance to invest in fast-growing neighborhoods in large metropolitan areas.

Redwood City, 2015

Eventually, we made our way to Redwood City, CA to profit from the growth of the Silicon Valley. Redwood City, seemed like a great longterm investment due to it having properties at low prices yet only 10 minutes away from fast-growing technology companies such as Facebook, Tesla, Google, and others. In order to turn in a profit, however, we would need to roll up our sleeves and remodel the properties. We met this challenge with diligence and rigor and were able to turn in great profits, once again. We grew confident in our ability to stick with our business plans and drive profits even with growing complexity.

Redwood City.jpg

Dallas Fort-Worth, 2018

In 2018 we chose the Dallas Forth-Worth area in Texas to become our main place of focus for foreseeable future. Our ability to drive profits for our investors and partners will increase as we combine our successful approach with an added hyper-focus into one metropolitan area. We chose the Dallas Forth-Worth because it is the most attractive USA metropolitan area to invest in right now. It is the fastest-growing metropolitan area with a population growth of over 130,000 thousand people every year, it has great employment health as it is the third metropolitan with the most fortune 500 companies, and it has got a relatively low purchase price for land. To learn more about the Dallas Fort-Worth area visit US NewsThe Economist, Azcentral. We already invested in a multifamily property in the area and aim to deploy millions of our own capital in the foreseeable future.

Boecam's great track record through our 14-year experience in multiple states and market cycles shows our tremendous ability to drive investment profits while maintaining an unconventional ability to disfavor higher than average risk through our conservative attitude.

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