Boecam Holdings

We provide international investors with access to US-based real estate investments. We are world-class in investment management, asset management, and property management.



10 years, 4 U.S. States


For over 10 years, Boecam Holdings has been implementing value-add investment strategies in the fastest growing submarkets in the USA. We hyperfocus in the Dallas-Fort Worth & Austin area as these two Texas cities show the best prospective long term returns on Real Estate capital in the USA. Our investment platform allows private individuals and investment firms to invest in undervalued residential Real Estate. 

Boecam's mission is to deliver superior investment results with risk under control and to conduct our business with the highest integrity. 



Investment  Management

We find quality residential properties, at the right price, and deploy capital always looking to attain a good ROI. 

Asset  Management

We continuously drive towards improved performance of the properties we manage achieving higher profits for our investors

Property  Management

We manage the property ourselves. Being close to our end customer and to our business expenses allows us to make the best decisions to maximize cashflows. 




We invest in everything we sponsor. Skin in the game keeps us diligent and secure our investor's capital and legacy.

Long term thinking

We invest in quality assets, in premium locations. We purchase as if we had to keep the asset forever. A long term outlook allows us to shield our returns from market volatility.

Risk Control

We invest where we believe the potential for reward outweighs the risk entailed. Conserving capital is more important than making profits by accepting above-average risks. Our goal is to acknowledge risks and ruthlessly execute to mitigate them when we can.


We look for gaps in the supply and demand curve. This means properties that can become high-value housing options after an enterprising and caring landlord improves the asset.





Prior to Boecam, Mateo worked at Trustwork-InvestRes, which manages over 18,000 residential units across Texas and Florida. Mateo led initiatives to streamline real estate operations resulting in an increase of $3M+ USD in annual income. Prior to Trustwork, Mateo led software technology teams in high grow Silicon Valley startups. Mateo received his B.S. from Cornell University where he graduated Cum Laude. 



Before co-founding Boecam, Maria had other entrepreneurial ventures and held multiple leadership Finance & Administration roles in multinational environments (CFO of SEW Colombia) and the USA (Quebecor’s Latam Head for USA accounts). Maria has been investing in futures, stocks, and Real Estate for over two decades. Maria's investment skills, real estate understanding, and financial acumen are at the core of Boecam's success.



Before co-founding Boecam, Omar led Financing Teams at large tech giants (i.e. HP, IBM, Philips, and Canon). His teams have secured financing for multi-million dollar, socially impactful, projects across the world including the USA, Brazil, Netherlands, and Kenya. Omar developed a global network of financing Partners. With his support, Boecam has secured premium financing for real estate projects in the USA, Latam, and Europe.



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